Develop the next big thing in aged care!

innovAGE is a grassroots movement, being held over two weekends in a radical format that brings together innovators in aged care, technology, data and design. 

The objective of innovAGE is to encourage entrepreneurial thinking to develop, build or launch age related solutions (services and products) to improve the lives of older Australians and their families. 

innovAGE is open to everyone and anyone! From first year students, to developers, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, business development specialists, marketing and PR folks, and entrepreneurs.

At innovAGE you will be given access to untapped data relating to the sector, products & API's to play with such as 3D printers, VR kits, ibeacons, and face-to-face interaction with real customers, service providers and industry based mentors to inform, co-design and test your ideas.

On the last day, 3 May 2015, teams will present their solutions to be judged by a panel consisting of end use customers, age services and technology experts.

Current Schedule of Activities as of 29 April 2015.


First Weekend - 28 & 29 March 2015
Context building, team formulation, accessing & playing with data, tools, devices plus idea creation

Virtual Q&A's with mentors and potential clients, additional case studies, additional data will be supplied, how to pitch to judges and product/API Q&A.

Final Weekend - 2 & 3 May 2015
Re-group, project enhancement, how-to-pitch workshop, introductions to investors, project pitches and winning prizes. 

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You can register as an individual ($50 for both weekends) or as a team (maximum of 4).

Team members must register separately and indicate you are a part of a team.

Don't worry if you're flying solo – we'll help you to team up on the first day of innovAGE. You can also start discussions with fellow participants in the Discussion tab here on ChallengePost.

Registration Categories 

  • Developer (“geek/coder”)
  • Designer (“graphic or interface design”)
  • Marketing/PR (“promoter”)
  • Business Development (“seller”)

Flat $50 entry fee 

What do you get?

  • Four days registration to innovAGE and the opportunity to be the future of ageing
  • Access to untapped data relating to the sector
  • Face-to-face interaction with real customers and service providers
  • Mentoring and Workshops
  • Engagement during the event through updated data, vignettes, access to experts, chat forums and online peer groups
  • Cool swag (t-shirt, etc.)
  • Catering for four days
  • Opportunity to present to a high-profile judging panel
  • Opportunity to win prizes and support from hosts and sponsors to take your winning entry to the next level
  • Most importantly, you get to have fun while creating solutions to help older Australians live well!


Solutions can be from any discipline and we have themed the areas of activity:

  • Code it – social, mobile, apps and coding
  • Crunch it – social data, data analysis, big data
  • Sense it - Internet of Things, wearables
  • Build it – physical, 3D printing, prototyping
  • Design it - product, spaces, environments, buildings
  • Launch it – proof of concept, beta test, commercial ready


Older Australians' and their carers experience daily problems in these areas.

  • Falls - preventing and managing falls
  • Chronic Disease Management - stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis etc
  • Medication Management - have I taken my medication? Accountability of carers administering medication etc
  • Cognitive Impairment - dementia, alzhemier's disease etc
  • Sensory Impairment - vision loss, hearing loss etc
  • Depression - isolation, loss of independence, anxiety, lack of motivation etc
  • Mobility Impairments - in/out of shower, car, moving around a house etc


When submitting your project for judging, we have a few small rules for you to follow

  • You must upload 3-minute (max) screencast or product demo video to YouTube (or similar service)
  • The video must be no-frills representation of your project
  • Write a clear, detailed description of your project. Keep it short and to the point - no more than 750 words)
  • On the submission form, list all your team members by their ChallengePost user name.
  • The Top 10 teams will pitch their project in front of the Judges from 2.30pm Sunday 3 May
  • You will not be eligible for a prize if your video has not been uploaded
  • Winners must be present on Sunday 3 May 2015 to present to judges and to accept prizes.

Note: You must have permission to use all content in your video, including footage, music, and images.  Additional support materials may be uploaded as part of your submission - e.g. screen shots, pdf, word, apk, etc.

Submissions OPEN        8.30am Saturday 2 May 2015

Submission CLOSE        1.30pm Sunday 3 May 2015


JUDGES - Below showcases some of the judges for the Final Weekend (3 May).  A number of investors will also be spectators for the live pitches.

How to enter

How to enter

  1. Register for event at
  2. Create an account here on ChallengePost
  3. Create a team &/or join a team here on ChallengePost
  4. Explore the Discussion posts
  5. Upload project on final weekend - short video with or without supporting documents




Patrick Reid

Patrick Reid
National CEO, Leading Age Services Australia (LASA)

Marcus Dawe

Marcus Dawe
CEO of GreenMag Group and Mineral Carbonation International (MCi)

No avatar 100

Sharon Scott

No avatar 100

Jim Quick
Older Australian & Carer

No avatar 100

Brett Howell
ICT Manager, Goodwin Aged Care Services

Norman Wang

Norman Wang
Director Of Business Development, Opaque Multimedia

Hugh Howarth

Hugh Howarth
Executive Manager Business Operations, Goodwin Aged Care Services

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Idea & Impressiveness
    Is the problem issues clearly defined and is the solution relevant?
  • Usefulness/Practicality
    Is it intuitive? Easy to understand and use? Can it be used by the intended market?
  • Creative Technology
    If a tech based product has it been executed in a novel and/or interesting way? Eg. working web application, App, VR, static HTML pages, documented code
  • Business or Further Research Potential
    Does it work as is, or does it require additional resources (code or data?)
  • Spirit of helping Older Australians Live Well
    Does the solution fulfil the spirit of helping Older Australians to live well? To what extend have you solved a real problem?