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Feedback from weekend one

What can we do better?
How else would you have liked to have seen at weekend one? Or what to see at weekend two?
Have you got enough resources to achieve your project?
How can we help you and your projects during the mid-weeks?

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    thanks for an enjoyable weekend. I thought it was an incredible first start for Hackathons in Aged Care within Australia.

    Find below my feedback:
    a) I believe it would be beneficial for a networking dinner the night before hand with a quick pitch by each team in front of people
    a2) Networking/Social activities/initiatives on day one for collaboration. Best Team Shirt/name etc.
    b) Emphasise the checklist for Challengepost prior to turning up. I believe it would be beneficial to have print outs for those who aren't connected
    c) Video conferencing facilities so as to connect with external resources
    d) Examples of what other Hackathons have produced
    e) Add Mentor details in a clear location on the Challengepost website
    f) Simple challenge for all teams to partake on day 1. Teambuilding challenge etc.
    g) I believe it would beneficial to see more University students partaking in the event


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