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Just Better Care - how we can assist

Hello all

It was great to meet everyone on Saturday, and I was impressed and inspired by every conversation I had. As Patrick mentioned, I do believe that the solutions are out there waiting to be uncovered, and opportunities like this are great chances to talk to each other.

Although Just Better Care couldn't attend the whole weekend, we are keen to support potentials products, ideas and solutions wherever we can. We deliver in-home support services to around 350 clients across ACT and Southern NSW, and our business model means we have the reach, flexibility and culture to contribute to innovative solutions.

We'd love to talk to any of the projects about the help we can offer - discussion, ideas, testing, refining, clarification, context. Feel free to get in touch with Rob or Fergus on 6280 4070, or email rob.woolley@justbettercare.com or fergus.nelson@justbettercare.com.

I'm looking forward to hearing from some innovators, and seeing the results on 3rd May.

Good luck.

Rob Woolley
Just Better Care

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa, 1971


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